You can see a PO4 150 running on youtube...


Ideal for use for all media's which would benefit from being fluidised.

Can be used for a multitude of  media's, such as phosphate remover, activated carbon and bio pellets... just remove the sponges.

Designed as a free-standing, in sump or as a hang-on reactor.

Please state on purchase if you would like a hang-on bracket fitted... as the reactor will be sent without a bracket otherwise.

Pump  : 250 lph -1500 lph (dependant on media used).

Hosetails :12mm (use 10mm tubing, this makes a nice tight fit).

Max Capacity: 1000mls


Dimensions (mm):

Height:             400

Base footprint: 130 x 130 

Column Dia:      90

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