MPF150 (150gals/ 660l) Phosphate Reactor.

You can now have a look at a NPF150 running on youtube...

The MPF150 is mainly used for phosphate removal, but you can use every type of media which can be fluidised

The tumble rate and input/output of water within the reactor, operate independently of each other, giving you the opportunity to either run at maximum flow when the phosphate etc are high .. and when the parameters are met ...  decreasing flow to the choosen media to cater for the lower levels... keeping them under control.

Comes with a 'easy fill' union.. no need to open the reactor to add media.

Also due to its pressurised design allows you to sit the reactor below the water level ... allowing the MPF150 reactor to sit in the cabinet while pushing the effluent back to the raised aquarium above

Can be used in sump or free standing.

Everything you need to get going .. well .. just add media.

MPF150 Kit Consists Of :

MPF150 Reactor, Maxijet 1000 (works with both 120 volt/60 hertz and 220volt/50 hertz systems), Control Valves and 2m of 12mm piping.

Maximum Media Capacity: 1000mls  (dependent on media used)

Dimensions (mm):   

Height:         450

Footprint:     130  

Column Dia: 90                                                                                 

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